Use of a pyschometric tool or assessment can be incorporated into a development solution. The theory that supports a  psychometric test can help explain new concepts, can expediate learning and the development journey.

We are accredited practitioners in a range of pyschometric tests.  We are able to recommend and explain the appropriate tool when we meet to discuss your development needs.

Psychometric  testing is the measurement of a range of human characteristics. These include knowledge, ability, attitude, personality, thinking and behaviour. There is no one test that covers all of these facets.

This can be an interesting journey for people when delivered in a safe environment and is relevant to the individual. You would expect the inclusion of an assessment to:

  • Increase self awareness
  • Explain how people have different preferences in the way they work, think or behave
  • Increase understanding of constructive and destructive behaviour
  • Provide information about motivational preferences
  • Provide strategies for the way forward when change is desired

We have included an outline of the DiSC model and attached is a pdf document that gives more detail about the theory of DiSC. This profile can be used for individual, team, sales or leadership development. It also has an application to support Conflict resolution.

We will continue to update this page. If you would like to know more about any of the assessment tools please contact us.

DiSC® is a model of behaviour. The circle, or circumplex, shows one of the most common ways to represent this model. Although all points around the DiSC circle are equally meaningful and interpretable, the DiSC model discusses four reference points around the circle. These are D (Dominance), i (Influence), S (Steadiness), C (Conscientiousness), and they are summarized in the attached PDF.


The Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values and cognitive reasoning ability. The assessments are grounded in decades of research and can be used for nearly every industry.


Human Synergistics
Human Synergistics' approach to individual development has always been one of measurement and feedback.

Help those in leadership roles identify the relationship between behavioural strategies and styles and leadership effectiveness and provide a process for building personal capability in the leadership role.

Human Synergistics' measurement tools are designed to:

  • Measure current behaviours, skills and performance
  • Identify strengths and development opportunities
  • Highlight barriers to personal effectiveness
  • Develop more productive behaviours and skills
  • Monitor change and improvement over time
Genos International

Genos is an internationally recognised Emotional Intelligence (EQ) model and assessment. These are combined with award winning development programs to enhance leadership, sales, teamwork, and customer service. Genos is an Australian company.

The Genos Emerging Leader program is offered by red-group, in addition to the EI assessments.


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