The Art of Coaching

Individual Coaching provides a very personal development opportunity, meeting the specific needs of an individual through targeted one to one sessions.

Coaching can be beneficial for people with limited time and a specific development need. It can also be appropriate when one person or a small number of people in the business have a development need. Coaching can include an appropriate psychometric assessment or the results of 360 degree feedback.

red-group coaching can be described as one or a combination of:


Situational Coaching

This would be appropriate for a specific event or issue. This could be winning an upcoming pitch for business, presenting at a Conference or resolving conflict between two people.


Skill Coaching

Targets a specific skill deficit, we most commonly focus on presentation skills for an executive or technical expert who as part of his/her senior role needs to develop presentation skills.

Skill coaching can also focus on a specific selling skill, a specific communication skill or a specific people management skill.

Executive Coaching

Is most relevant for leadership development or career progression. Someone who is in a new role or looking for the next role. Someone who is asking questions of themself about what happens next in his or her career. The person may be in a rut.

Someone who has been identified as a potential new leader or has just become a leader in the business.

Coaching may be initiated by the Manager or the Individual. A coaching program tends to be 3-6 months, with sessions at least each month. The sessions can be face to face, by video conference or over the phone. This is agreed before the coaching commences and when relevant the manager of the person being coached is involved in the set up of the program and is also part of the review process.

Outcomes of coaching should include:

Increased self awareness
Effective business relationships
Enhanced skills and capability in the specific development area
Ability to apply the new skills in their role with greater success
Observable and measurable positive change in skill or behaviour

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