Communicating Your Message

On the list of the ten things people fear most it is claimed that people fear presenting in public more than death, spiders, flying or heights.

If you aren’t in fear of presenting, sitting though a presentation could still put you at risk of a slow and agonising death by power point

  • Do you suffer from death by power point?
  • Do you just suffer when you have to present?
  • Do you regularly present and want to make it more interesting for your audience?
  • Are you interested in the current trends and want to take your presentations to the next level?

Cut Through Presenting

Is relevant if you have never attended a presentations skills session or it has been a while since you reviewed your presentation skills and want to ramp things up.

 Cut through presenting is most often a two day session for a group of 6 people. We can design a program most appropriate for you and your team.

We will cover topics including:

  • Managing nerves
  • Writing a presentation - a never fail structure
  • Successful approach to preparation
  • Delivery tips
  • Specific individual feedback for each participant
  • Maximising your message
  • How to wow your crowd - deliver to be audience focused

Hit the Target

When there is a high value presentation coming up and you want support and feedback. Appropriate for small groups or one to one focus on specific presentation.

All presentation skills workshops include filming your presenting. This is for your use only as a learning tool - it can be a great way to monitor your progress.

We do cover how to incorporate impactful visual support, most often this is slides with the tips, do’s and don’ts.

One thing this session is not: This is not a technical session on how to use Microsoft Power Point or MAC’s key note.

Message delivered = message received

Focuses on one to one communication, often within the organisation. This is appropriate for people not required to present in a formal sense. They are expected to contribute in meetings, speak to clients or interact with other people within the business as part of their role.

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The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.

George Bernard Shaw