Moving Through Change

Change is a constant challenge. How often do you think about how you respond to change? Have you ever noticed that different people in your team will react differently to changes around them?

In recent years, many organisations have added change management programs to their offering. These typically focus on the logistical and technical components of change management.

The focus for red-group is to address the reality of change focusing on the human element. How people respond to change and their impact on other people. This people focus complements and supports the organisation wide systematic change strategy.

The Change Cycle™ is a 'how to' tool that addresses the reality beyond the facts, dealing with the issues that drive people's behaviour in changing environments.

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The program enables people to identify:Plan B

how they are responding to change and provide strategies for them to manage change effectively.

how their behaviour will impact other people, for example the Manager - Team member relationship and team dynamics where there are varying responses to the same change.

The Change Cycle™ assists people and organisations in managing change by identifying the six predictable and sequential stages that we all experience in any given transition.

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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most responsive to change.

C. Darwin