Jane Callinan - Director

Jane is a seasoned manager turned corporate coach, facilitator and trainer. She helps other leaders and managers with her straight-shooting and supportive style.

She doesn't just repeat tips out of a book. Jane has a real-world business background including working in the demanding London finance sector. She knows what it's like - leading large teams, guiding culture change, delivering nerve-wracking presentations and facilitating leadership programs.

Jane now works with Managers and their teams in a broad range of industries including: Healthcare, Engineering, Power Generation, FMCG, Media, Tourism, Banking and Insurance, The Equine Industry.

She gets things done - by prioritising what needs to be done and monitoring progress and keeping people accountable.

Jane will get results by:

  • establishing a genuine rapport with your participants
  • asking the 'tough questions' - in a supportive way
  • encouraging your organisation to develop a supportive environment to sustain the improvements

Her extensive experience and expertise will help your established leaders improve - and can also help your leaders who are:

  • new to leadership
  • transitioning to a larger team and level of responsibility or
  • leading through significant change

Jane enjoys working with people who want to be their best and believes there is enormous value in self awareness to effect personal change.

Or, in her words:

"Before there can be any effort to change there has to be awareness of what needs to change and then how to start.

I really enjoy watching other people have 'light bulb' moments - when they realise they can achieve or have achieved what they set out to do. It's rewarding to know I have helped them along the way."

Jane has a Bachelor of Financial Administration from the University of New England, as well as all the other accreditations mentioned on the site.

The best way to see for yourself that she is the 'real deal' is to arrange a face-to-face meeting.

Call Jane on 0414 431 623.


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 0414 431 623