Welcome to red-group.

You're probably visiting our site to see how we compare with other organisations and to be assured you are making the right decision.


Let us help you - so you don't have to dig for answers.


What's our main point of difference?

Because we've all worked in business - we understand real business issues and give real, achievable solutions.

We take the brief, we deliver, we follow up. The person you meet facilitates the program.

We make training stick.


Do we understand your specific business? Have we worked with your type of business before?

We have a track record of successfully customising our approach to match the style and needs of an organisation.

Based on our experience, we are confident we can do the same for your industry.

We've achieved excellent results in these sectors: healthcare, engineering, power generation, FMCG, media, tourism, solution services providers,banking and insurance, the equine industry.


Will you see improvements? Will your investment in your people be worth the money you spend?

We are confident the answer will be YES - based on our whole "red" focus and method.

r e d - stands for retain, engage, develop.

All business success comes from your people.

Demonstrate that you value them - provide opportunity to grow - and your people will achieve your results.

Our extensive experience has produced significant and measurable results for other clients. We can give you examples most relevant to you.

There's a high probability - you'll be very happy you chose us - and what you gain will exceed your investment spend.


Any other questions?

The fastest way for you to get answers is to call us.

We promise we won't bug you. We can be available to answer any of your questions.


What next?

From our experience, a website can tell you the basics. To really know if an organisation is the right fit, - you have to talk to or meet with the people.

So, keep going - call Jane on 0414 431 623